Water Birth Tubs

Water births are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. They’re also known as hydrotherapy, immersion, waterbirth, and aqua-doula.

The Benefits of Water Birth

There are several benefits to using a water birth instead of other methods of giving birth. First, it’s safer than traditional methods because there is no need to use forceps or vacuum extractors. Second, it’s more comfortable for both mother and baby. Third, it’s less expensive than hospital births. Fourth, it’s more environmentally friendly since it uses fewer medical supplies. Finally, it’s better for the baby because it reduces stress and helps prevent jaundice.

Preparing Yourself for Labor

If you’re planning on having a water birth, make sure you prepare yourself mentally and physically before labor begins. You should also talk with your doctor about how he or she would prefer you give birth.

Choosing a Water Birth Location

There are several places where you can choose to deliver your baby. One of the safest options is at home. This option allows you to stay close to your family and friends while giving you more control over your delivery. Another option is a birthing center. These centers offer a comfortable environment and medical staff who specialize in delivering babies. They also provide education and support for new parents.

Choosing a Midwife or Doctor

If you decide to give birth at a birthing center, you will likely work with a midwife. She will attend your labor and delivery and help you through the process. You should feel free to ask questions during your prenatal visits. You can also ask her any concerns you might have about your pregnancy.

Choosing a Birthing Pool

There are several different ways to choose a birthing pool. You can go online and search for one that suits your needs. Or, you can visit a local store that sells them. You can even find them at some home improvement stores.